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This is a teaser video of the upcoming Red Alert mod for Renegade.

Mirror 1 (BeaconPedestal FTP, 20 user max, 20KB/s max)
Mirror 2 (PlanetCNC)
Mirror 3 (Fileplanet)

File info: 18.85MB Windows Media 8 Video
Author: djlaptop


Tutorial of how to take out the obelisk (not the PP) in C&C_Under by foot, without any vehicles (a vehicle is used but it doesn't have to be).

File info: 6.72MB RealPlayer 8 Video
Author: djlaptop


Pointless video of me fooling around with vehicle physics.

File info: 7.58MB WindowsMedia 8 Video
Author: djlaptop


Another Pointless video taken when I was bored and wanted to see a big explosion.

File info: 8.99MB WindowsMedia 8 Video
Author: djlaptop

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