The Dedicated Renegade server is up periodically. It is not up all the time, and there are no scheduled times when it will be up.

The server is for experienced Renegade players only. If you're new to the game, you're probably better off going somewhere else. Here are the rules.

  1. No base-to-base attacks (ex. MRLs on Island).
  2. Beacon Wins are DISABLED.
  3. NO same-team vehicle stealing. If you need to borrow a tank, GET PERMISSION FIRST!
  4. If you need to leave your computer for more than 5 minutes, leave the game. No idling on the server. This takes up bandwidth and also helps the other team get easy kills.
  5. General lameness will not be permitted. Any n00bs will be banned.
  6. Don't forget, all your actions are logged and laddered!
  7. Please report unusual lag. Details below.

Stick to these rules and there shouldn't be a problem.

To connect to the server, look for " Game" in the Advanced Game Listings of the Westwood Online listings.

Also, if you want to play right now, you can click here:

Make sure to say YES to any security dialog boxes that appear.





Our hosting provider has recently asked us to collect traceroutes from our users. They made a change to their network backbone and some users have been seeing increased latency and lag because of it. In order to supply evidence to their network guys that there IS a problem, we're collecting traceroutes to send to them. If you don't know what a traceroute is or how to do one, that's ok, we've put together a tool to do it for you.

To send a report, go here!