RenGuard is a client/server application built to stop gamers from having an unfair advantage in online play. RenGuard allows server owners to know the people connecting aren't cheating, and allows gamers to know that no one playing with them has an unfair advantage. RenGuard is produced by Blackhand Studios, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and creating new applications for the Command & Conquer community.


This application, the Server Side Client (or SSC for short), is the application that server owners run. If you have a Renegade server, and are sick and tired of players cheating on your server, you need this program. The SSC is all that you need to add your server to the RenGuard network. With the SSC, you can be sure that your server is cheat-free.



  • Intuitive Windows XP interface (even on other operating systems!)
  • Completely customizable! Most of the messages can be changed to fit your needs, you can even make RenGuard optional on your server if you don't want to turn away players who don't have it
  • Supports command-line switches for automated use (run RenGuardSSC.exe /? for a list of command line parameters)
  • Compatible with BlazeRegulator.NET
  • Compatible with PAMsg command for Private Admin Messages (requires Blackhand Studios Core Patch 1)
  • Integrated automatic update engine
  • Very easy to set up and run



Main Interface



RenGuard Server Side Client Beta Version